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Legislative Alerts

December 17, 2014

Final FY15 Federal Funding for Key Respite and Caregiver Support Programs

The President signed the FY15 Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act (HR 83) into law on December 17, 2015.  Most programs that support respite and family caregiver programs were level funded for the current fiscal year.  

Funding Chart of Key Programs


April 19, 2014
National Respite Coalition Submits Testimony to House and Senate Subcommittee in Support of Lifespan Respite Funding  

In April, the National Respite Coalition submitted outside written testimony to the House and Senate Subcommittees on Labor, HHS and Education Appropriations requesting funding ($2.5 million) for the Lifespan Respite Program in the FY 15 Labor, HHS, Education Appropriations bill.  This is the same level of funding awarded in FY 12 prior to sequestration and slightly more than requested by the President. To view or download the Senate testimony, click here.  Similar testimony was submitted to the House Appropriations Subcommittee.

April 17, 2014
43 National Organizations Sign Letter in Support of FY 15 Funding for Lifespan Respite, National Family Caregiver Support and Family Support 

On April 17, 2014, 43 national organizations signed a letter to House and Senate Appropriators in support of FY 15 funding for the Lifespan Respite Program ($2.5 million), the National Family Caregiver Support Program ($154 million), and Family Support in the Developmental Disabilities Act. The House and Senate letters are now available.

House Letter
Senate Letter

April 12, 2014
24 House Members Send Letter in Support of Lifespan Respite Funding

On April 12, 2014, 24 members of the US House of Representatives sent a letter to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Subcommittee on Labor, HHS, Education Appropriations requesting funding for Lifespan Respite Program in FY 2015. To view or download the letter, click here.


October 30, 2013
Older Americans Act Reauthorization Approved by Senate Committee

On October 30, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee (HELP) considered the Older Americans Act Reauthorization Act of 2013 and reported it out favorably.  The bill would reauthorize for five years many aging network programs serving the aging population including nutrition and supportive home and community-based services, disease prevention/health promotion services, elder rights programs, and the National Family Caregiver Support Program. The most significant change affecting respite services eligibility is a change to the National Family Caregiver Support Program which extends eligibility of relative caregivers of individuals with disabilities to parents who are age 55 or older.  No floor date for Senate consideration has been scheduled. 
To follow Senate committee action, see the Senate HELP website. The House has not scheduled consideration of the legislation.

Advocacy Tips and Guidance on Contacting the US Congress 

Visits to Legislators' Offices: For Guidance on How to Arrange and Conduct a Personal Visit with a Legislator, see Advocacy Tip Sheet for Face-to-Face Meetings  

Calling Your Representative or Senator:  Making a personal visit or call is the most effective way to get your message across. Do not underestimate the value of legislative staff.  Talking with them may be just as effective as talking with the Member directly.
  1. If you don't know who your Representative and Senators are, visit and enter your zip code.
  2. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Representative's or Senator's office.  When connected, ask to speak to the person who works on health or disability issues, usually the Health Legislative Assistant (LA). Leave a voice mail message if you cannot get through directly.
  3. Identify yourself as a constituent. Explain the importance of respite to you personally and make your request.  Follow the directions on the NRC Legislative Alert for Action and Messages or use these talking points to make your case. (Prepare yourself in advance and practice the message).
  4. Ask the staff member if his/her boss will support your request.  If they do not commit, please ask them to get back to you.
  5. Say thank you.






Contact Congress 
To contact your US House member, visit here.
To contact your US Senator, visit here.

Legislative Action Center

NewNRC (3)(edited)

NRC Legislative Alert for FY 15 Lifespan Respite Funding, click here.

Congressional Letter of Support for FY 2015 Lifespan Respite Funding, click here.
NRC Senate Testimony in support of FY 2015 Lifespan Respite funding submitted to Senate Appropriations Subcommittee, click here.
Similar testimony subitted to House Subcommittee. 
National Organization Letters in Support of FY 2015 funding for Lifespan Respite, National Family Caregiver Support Program, and Family Support.

Senate Letter
House Letter
New! Final FY15 Funding Levels for Lifespan Respite, National Family Caregiver Support Program and other key programs, click here.
46 National Organizations Send Letter of Support for Lifespan Respite Reauthorization, click here.
NRC/Lifespan Respite Task Force position statement on Lifespan Respite Reauthorization, click here.
National Respite Coalition delivers two official statements to Senate HELP Committee Staff on OAA and Lifespan Respite Reauthorization (signed by 35 national organizations)