Conference Tracks

Breakout session topics cross over multiple disciplines, reflecting the wide range of respite options required and utilized by caregivers across the lifespan. Sessions will be grouped into one of five topical tracks or the Lifespan Respite Track described below. Presenters will show how their work RAISES the Bar for Respite and aligns with National Strategy Goals.

The National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers proposes five main goals:

1 NatStrat Icon Reach

GOAL 1: Increase awareness and outreach

2 NatStrat Icon Network

GOAL 2: Build partnerships and engagement 

3 NatStrat Icon Heart

GOAL 3: Strengthen services and supports 

4 NatStrat Icon Hands

GOAL 4: Ensure financial and workplace security 

5 NatStrat Icon Support

GOAL 5: Expand data, research, and evidence-based practices 

The following presentation tracks align with the National Strategy’s five goals and RAISE the Bar for Respite:

Questions?   Please contact Doris Green at the New York State Caregiving and Respite Coalition at  or Jill Kagan with ARCH at with any questions.