Building Respite Registries to Meet the Needs of Families

June 16, 2022


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ARCH and the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin are pleased to host this webinar for Lifespan Respite grantees and partners, Exploring Respite Registries to Reach Family Caregivers, June 16, 2022. This webinar provides useful information if you are thinking about establishing or enhancing a respite-specific registry.


The direct care workforce crisis has impacted the availability of respite providers to support family caregivers. Some states, through their Lifespan Respite Programs, have developed and implemented respite registries to make it easier for family caregivers to find trusted providers. PHI also tracks matching service registries throughout the country, which "match" home care consumers with workers — based on needs, preferences, and availability. In this webinar, we will hear from three state Lifespan Respite Programs that have respite-specific registries, from PHI on additional state direct care worker directories, and Rewarding Work which maintains worker registries in several states that are open to consumers, workers, and home care agencies, often with support from public funds.


  • Stephen McCall – Data and Policy Analyst, PHI

  • Hanna Quiring, Lifespan Respite Program Coordinator, Children and Family Services, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

  • Jessica Cook –Web Project Coordinator, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Center on Children, Families, and the Law

  • Val Madsen, Training & Development Specialist, Respite Care Association of Wisconsin

  • Sarah Schmidt, Deputy Director, Division of Provider Services and Quality Assurance, Arkansas Department of Human Services

  • Theresa Driscoll - Marketing and Operations Manager, Toward Independent Living and Learning, Inc. (TILL) and RewardingWork.org


Timebanking for Respite: Communities Supporting Caregivers

March 29, 2022


ARCH hosted this webinar with the BREAK Exchange

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Timebanking is a time-based currency. Give one hour of service to another, and receive one time credit. You can use the credits in turn to receive services — or you can donate them to others. Designed to increase our individual and community well-being, Timebanking takes place through exchanges by members as they give and receive services to each other, or through group and community activities and projects. Members can include individuals, groups and organizations.

In this webinar, presenters described how TimeBanking can be used to provide respite and caregiving support. Read more about TimeBanks.org.


Krista Wyatt, Executive Director, TimeBanks.Org

Kathy Perlow, Board Member, TimeBanks.org




information Session




The 2022 Call for Innovative and Exemplary Respite Services is now closed. We will make every attempt to notify applicants of their selection by June 15, 2022. 

On February 28, 2022, ARCH held an information session for prospective applicants for recognition as an Innovative and Exemplary Respite Service.  Please find the recording and the presentation slides below. 

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Exhale - The Family Caregiver Initiative

February 23, 2022


ARCH hosted this webinar with the BREAK Exchange

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Exhale, the Family Caregiver Initiative, with support from the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York and the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation, in collaboration with The Philanthropic Initiative, funds innovative collaborative projects that are reimagining and increasing respite opportunities for family caregivers of older adults. Respite, a period of rest or relief, can play a key role in reinforcing caregiver well-being and effectiveness, leading to better health, social-emotional outcomes, and lower costs of care for family caregivers and older adults they care for. Simply knowing respite services are available can lower caregiver stress by 70%.

This webinar provides an overview of the Exhale Initiative and its key components. Speakers describe the Exhale Initiative's three current respite pilots, the program and pilot evaluation design, how the Caregiver Intensity Index is being used to measure caregiver impact, and how ARCH Innovative and Exemplary Respite Guidelines are incorporated to support pilot development, growth and sustainability.

Featured Speakers

 Genewick Ken Lisa Payne Simon

Ken Genewick, Senior Program Officer for Caregiving, Health Foundation for Western & Central New York

 Amber Slichta Headshot 2 Lisa Payne Simon

Amber Slichta, Vice President of Programs and Learning, Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation

 Lisa Payne Simon

  Lisa Payne Simon, Partner, The Philanthropic Initiative

Sleep is #2: How U.S. Children’s Hospice Homes are fulfilling the unmet need for overnight respite

September 1, 2021

ARCH cohosted this event with the BREAK Exchange. 





The #1 wish that all families with a child on a life-limited journey wants is a cure, next is some sleep. The U.K. Children’s Hospice Home model started almost 40 years ago with Helen House and has grown to over 54 homes today. A simple concept that focuses on family and caregiver support by providing overnight respite, and pediatric palliative and end-of-life hospice care throughout a child’s journey. Thankfully three communities have succeeded in opening this much needed care model in the U.S., and many more are in various stages of development. 

The presenter, Jonathan Cottor, will provide insights from his own family experience at Helen House and decades as a national advocate and champion for this model.

In this webinar, learn the status of the U.S. Children’s Hospice Home movement:

  • What services this model provides, and how it is an important part of the continuum of care to meet unmet needs for families whose children have chronic and complex medical conditions.

  • The inspiring overview of the 3 existing U.S. Children’s Hospice Homes, and how their team’s entrepreneurial grit and determination overcame challenges to rally each community to become operational.

  • Provide perspectives on U.S. health system barriers to address for sustaining and easing scalability and dissemination for other U.S. communities.


Jonathan Cottor, MBA, MPH, Father, Advocate, Cofounder of Ryan House in Phoenix Arizona. 

Ryan House was recognized by ARCH as an Innovative and Exemplary Respite Service in 2020.