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Committee for Advancement of Respite Research


Committee Members

ARCH Is pleased to announce the formation of the ARCH Committee for Advancement of Respite Research (CARR) that will be charged with leading the next phase of ARCH's work in building an evidence-base for respite. The next phase of this work will include: examination of how to improve access to and quality of respite services; identification of aspects of respite services and models that make them exemplary; encouragement of evaluation and replication of promising services; and translation of research findings into practice. Given the current effects of COVID-19 on respite service delivery, another focus of the Committee will be to identify methods for evaluating the impact of alternative respite options that were developed to support family caregivers during the pandemic, and how these might be translated to more flexible respite options for families in the future.

CARR Overview and Purpose

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Meeting, January 21, 2022


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Work Groups' Alignment with Key Research Recommendations

Inaugural Meeting, May 5, 2021


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