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Berne, Indiana

Innovative and Exemplary:

Agape Respite Care, Inc., Berne, Indiana, provides in-home, community-based, and 24/7 out of home respite care from 2 hours up to 10 consecutive day stays, located in a residential setting enabling families to maintain their loved ones in their community. Trained Direct Support Professionals care for persons with intellectual and/or physical disabilities from birth and throughout the lifespan. Now in its 27th year of operation, Agape Respite Care has long partnerships with families of children who began respite as preschoolers and continued into adulthood. Their summer baseball program serves school age children through high school, and any individual receiving services from Agape Respite Care. Those wishing to keep playing after high school graduation continue to be welcomed, and some players are in their 15th season. Like their long relationships with families, Agape Respite Care has long relationships with staff members––some who have been with their organization for almost two decades.