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Sterling Heights, Michigan

Innovative and Exemplary:

C.H.A.I. (Caregiving Helping Aid Initiative), is a Chaldean Community Foundation (CCF) program. Located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, C.H.A.I. strengthens the CCF’s mission by continuing to improve the stability, health, and wellness of new Americans including refugees, immigrants, and vulnerable families. Of the 41,000+ individuals from 58 countries that C.H.A.I. serves, more than 4,000 are individuals with disabilities. C.H.A.I.’s comprehensive services include access to mental and behavioral health services, education, attainable housing, new American acculturation, and advocacy for religious and ethnic minorities. Caregivers often times feel hesitant about leaving a loved one with a disability and those with dementia in another’s care. CCF’s C.H.A.I. multilingual staff works to develop trust with caregivers over time. Connecting the caregiver through inclusive community supports, wrap-around social services, and ongoing education for the caring of loved ones with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities builds trust over time. Caregivers can also find self-care through social opportunities, support for individuals with dementia, wellness initiatives, recreation and a shared-respite model that continues to evolve.