ALS Association Saint Louis Regional Chapter Caregiver Relief Program


St. Louis, Missouri

Innovative and Exemplary:

The ALS Association Saint Louis Regional Chapter initiated their Caregiver Relief Program 11 years ago. The ALS Association was formed to support persons with ALS so they could remain in their homes throughout the disease process and through the end of their lives. A second purpose of the ALS Association is to support caregivers to remain emotionally and physically healthy and to keep their families intact. Operating in three locations and using case managers from multiple disciplines –– including social work, counseling, occupational therapy and nutrition –– to support patient and caregiver choice, the Caregiver Relief Program links families with screened and trained Gold Star respite programs. Caregivers may also participate in support groups to help address “anticipatory grief” and bereavement. Guided by an evaluation plan, the Caregiver Relief Program regularly reviews services with families to discern whether services fit their needs, and whether families view the services as helpful in reducing stress and improving quality of life. Yearly audits of finances, and demographic and outcome data shared in an annual report, as well as diversified funding and a fully engaged board, help to ensure this program remains strong going forward. You may learn more about the ALS Association Saint Louis Regional Chapter’s Caregiver Relief Program through their website.