Precious Time

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Innovative and Exemplary:

Claude Moore Precious Time in Harrisonburg, VA works with the James Madison University College of Health and Behavioral Studies to match nursing and health and human service students as respite care providers to children with special needs. Claude Moore Precious Time is a pediatric respite care program that works to create mutually beneficial relationships between caregivers and students in order to promote healthy outcomes for families of children by providing relief from daily responsibilities and demands, through individualized, trust-based respite care. The program also focuses on reaching underserved populations in rural parts of Virginia. The training provided to student respite care providers focuses on graduating confident, knowledgeable, and experienced health care professionals with a more comprehensive understanding of children with special needs and their families. Some students maintain strong relationships, celebrating birthdays and holidays, with children and families after student training has been completed.


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