Van Nuys, CA

Innovative and Exemplary:

ONEgeneration Adult Day Program provides center-based respite services to caregivers of adults 18 years or older with intellectual or developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, aging-related conditions, dementia or memory-related conditions, mental or behavioral health conditions, chronic illnesses, and special medical needs. Beginning in 1978 as a volunteer-led senior center, during the subsequent four-plus decades, services have grown and evolved to meet the needs of adults and older adults throughout the aging spectrum, ultimately implementing an intergenerational shared site adult day and childcare program. Using a person- and family-centered service approach, participating caregivers work with a multidisciplinary team to develop an individualized care plan that includes goals addressing both medical and social needs in order to improve the quality of lives and health of both individuals and families. Interns from local universities with concentrations in occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, and social work are recruited and supported in providing clinical service and exposure to community-integrated care systems. Interns also participate in professional interdisciplinary teams as part of their training and service. In addition to a formal, outcome-based evaluation plan that measures stated goals and objectives ­­– which are also embedded in program manuals for senior and early childhood services –ONEgeneration regularly collects program data for decision-making and course correction in real time. Ongoing research on the benefits of an intergenerational model to caregivers and care recipients is conducted in partnership with local universities.