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Respite During Covid 19

Respite and Caregiving Resources in the Time of COVID-19

ARCH Voluntary National Respite Guidelines During COVID-19 Pandemic for providing and using respite safely. Now updated with COVID-19 Guidance on Vaccinations.  See also provider and family decision guides

Webinar Release of Voluntary National Respite Guidelines During COVID-19 Pandemic, July 16, 2020. Watch the Webinar and Download the Presentations.

ARCH Joins National Caregiving  Groups to Issue a Statement on Caregiving Support during COVID-19: "SUPPORT FAMILY CAREGIVERS."

BREAK Exchange Webinar: Preliminary Results of the Supporting Caregivers During the COVID-19 Pandemic Survey, June 3, 2020 


ACL COVID 19 Booster Shot Flyer Digital 508

Read more from the Administration for Community Living about the importance of boosters for everyone, but especially for older adults and people with disabilities and their caregivers.  

Download the flyer.

COVID-19 Resources for Self-Direction from Applied Self-Direction -

National Caregiving Organization Resources for Caregivers and Providers

Medicaid and Medicare Policy Changes that Affect Caregivers

Government Resources

National Disability and Aging Organization Resources

Respite Provider and Workforce Issues

Lifespan Respite Network and State Coalition Resources


Exploring Respite Opportunities and Options  from ARCH

Please find in the ARCH document below, resources that include informal community, relationship or technology supports that might provide respite opportunities or respite enhancements outside the formal respite services system.  While many of the suggestions are for respite in the community, there are also resources, such as links to online support groups and e-learning, virtual museum trips, technology supports, mindfulness, stress reduction and relaxation apps, and more that family caregivers can access from home to get a much needed break.  If you think of more ideas, send them to ARCH and we will add them to the list!


STAR Database


Case Studies of Reopening Respite 

Back to Business: Re-starting Short Break Services, Case Studies from Shared Care Scotland

U.S. Case Studies  See also changes to lifespan respite voucher programs above.