National Strategy Implementation Learning Collaborative Meeting

April 11, 2024
Principle of Leadership: Performance

This Learning Collaborative will focus on improving performance towards implementing the National Strategy.

Good leaders can create a positive work environment, motivate those they work with, and provide clear direction and guidance. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity. A more engaged and committed workforce is a high-performing one. Trust and rapport are also the foundation of any successful partnership. The ability to cultivate a culture of mutual respect, appreciation, and accountability among partners is central to strong leadership. This can be done by acknowledging their contributions, celebrating their achievements, and providing constructive feedback.


Amy Harris, Colorado Department of Human Service, State Unit on Aging, and Megan Bettinger, Colorado Respite Coalition.

In their presentation, Colorado Respite Coalition: Leading with the Heart, Amy and Megan provide an example of how they improved performance to pivot to a new and better lifespan respite system. They inherited the Colorado Respite Coalition after a global pandemic and significant staff changes and were left to rebuild their program. They led with their hearts, were honest and authentic with each other, formed a close partnership (that lead to other close relationships that would prove crucial to their success), leveraged their lack of institutional knowledge for a fresh take on their programs, and reached out for help. As a result, the Colorado Respite Coalition has been transformed into a flexible, tailored program that helps more people with more resources.

Scroll down to see recordings of Breakout Room Discussion Groups and Discussion Guide. Breakout Room 2 was only partially recorded, so please see the Meeting Notes when they become available. 

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