Sustainability Planning Learning Collaborative Meeting

December 11, 2017
Burning Issues and Markers of Sustainability: Funding and Stakeholders/Coalitions and Planning Groups



At the Lifespan Respite Grantee and Partner Learning Symposium in Huntsville, AL, in October, 2017, the group identified burning issues. During this call, the learning collaborative explored the top two topics from this burning issues list –– Funding and Stakeholders/Coalitions and Planning Groups.  

Kathy Mayfield Smith with the SC Respite Coalition shared SC’s experiences in leveraging resources –– how they accomplished this in South Carolina, who was involved, and how they were involved.  She spoke about how their coalition built an infrastructure that allowed them to quickly capitalize on an extraordinary funding opportunity that added 2.4 million dollars in recurring funding for respite vouchers, and $100,000 for respite administration. Kathy stressed the need for coalitions to have a goal in mind, plan and prepare for that goal, and look for new opportunities to reach it. She pointed out the importance of knowing who is in your state legislature, and knowing about them––their interests and personal experience related to respite. She also spoke about the importance coalition members playing active roles––such as supporting a network of advocates and consumers to effectively educate others about the importance of respite.

Doris Green, with the New York State Caregiving and Respite Coalition and Jean Sherman with the Florida Lifespan Respite Alliance also presented case studies about current sustainability planning efforts in their respective states, including progress and challenges.