Performance Measurement Learning Collaborative Meeting

December 15, 2022

States Share Measurement Tools

Tami Cirerol, Asst Director of the Center for the Study of Aging, and Sarah E. Toevs, Director of the Center for the Study of Aging at Boise State University, and Hanna Scheuffele, with the ID Caregiver Alliance, shared information on the evaluation tool(s) they’ve used for Idaho’s Lifespan Respite initiatives, including their respite voucher pilot program.

Daniel J Koltz, PhD, Assistant Professor at Montana State University, MT Caregiver Respite Retreat Program Director, MT Kinship Navigator Program Director, and a partner in the MT Lifespan Respite grant, presented on the World Health Organization’s Five Well-Being Index (WHO-5), a measurement tool that he uses in a caregiver respite retreat program that he discussed at the Lifespan Respite Grantee and Partner Learning Symposium in Madison in September.

Casandra Firman, ARCH Performance Measurement Learning Collaborative facilitator, also demonstrated how to calculate statistical significance using Excel, including a quick-and-dirty primer on how to use excel to perform a t-test. She discussed why statistical significance is important, and what it does and does not tell us about data.