National Strategy Implementation Learning Collaborative Meeting

February 1, 2024
Leadership Principle: Challenge the Process

In this Learning Collaborative session, participants  learned how to recognize and address barriers that may be encountered when building successful campaigns promoting the National Strategy and its proposed actions. Leaders constantly question how things are done in their organizations. They identify processes that do not work and take action to fix them. There are typically four barriers to implementing any effective strategy: (1) vision barrier, (2) people barrier, (3) management barrier, and (4) resource barrier. Leaders will learn innovative ways to change, grow and improve to overcome these barriers.


In their presentation, Meeting the Mandate: How Arizona Overcame New Barriers, Lita Nelson from the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES)/Division on Aging and Adult Services, and Dr. Nelly Clotter-Woods and Charlotte Holiday from the Arizona Caregiver Coalition provided examples of the strategies they have used to overcome barriers and extend their outreach, awareness, and support activities through their Lifespan Respite grant.

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