National Strategy Implementation Learning Collaborative Meeting

January 4, 2024
Leadership Principle: Enabling Others to Act (Building Partnerships)

This meeting of the ARCH National Strategy Learning Collaborative focused on partnerships, and how to engage in actions that will enable others to act towards implementing the National Strategy. As an example, the Massachusetts Lifespan Respite Grantee and the Respite Coalition presented on how they motivated others to join them in the work.

Prior to their presentation, participants learned how to research the interests, strengths, and challenges of the organizations that they want to collaborate with. The intent is to help participants identify areas of mutual benefit and avoid potential conflicts. Identifying the right partners is a critical element of successful campaigns promoting the National Strategy and its proposed actions.

Participants met in small groups to share the specific collaboration strategies they are using to gain partners and collaborators, or involve family caregivers, in their Lifespan Respite program efforts, with a focus on initiatives they are undertaking to implement the respite actions in the National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers.


In this presentation from the MA Lifespan Respite grantee and coalition members, Be Curious, Not Judgmental: Lessons on Consensus Building from Ted Lasso and Walt Whitman, presenters provided a brief overview of the MA Lifespan Respite Project and provided examples of strategies they have used to achieve buy-in and consensus among various stakeholders, all of whom are committed to expanding respite opportunities.


Amy Nazaire, MA
Northeast Regional Self Direction Manager, MA Department of Developmental Services
Principal Investigator, MA Lifespan Respite Project

Lisa Marschke, MS
Senior Training & Workforce Project Manager, ForHealth Consulting at UMass Chan Medical School
Project Coordinator, MA Lifespan Respite Project

Ashley Woodman, PhD
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Psychological and Brain Sciences
Program Director, Developmental Disabilities and Human Services Specialization

Scroll below the recordings to find the Meeting Notes and Breakout Discussion Guide. 

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