National Strategy Implementation Learning Collaborative Meeting

July 11, 2024
Leadership Principle: Taking Steps Forward

This meeting of the ARCH National Strategy Learning Collaborative focused on employing Negotiation Skills towards implementing the National Strategy. Negotiation involves two or more people finding an acceptable solution to a shared problem. Negotiation is a strategic discussion that involves give and take, and both parties usually need to make some concessions, so they can move forward together.

Successful negotiators control the process and come away with a result they’re satisfied with – whether or not they’ve made compromises along the way. The goal is to consider both sides and create a win-win scenario. For projects to be successful, roles, strategies, targets, and deadlines all need to be agreed on, ideally to everyone’s satisfaction.

In most circumstances, you are negotiating a relationship, not just an agreement. You are not just trying to get the best deal for yourself; you also want the best deal for the group, which will soon be your group.


Kathy Mayfield-Smith, Cofounder and Board Chair, South Carolina Respite Coalition; and Associate Director, Institute of Families in Society, University of South Carolina, presented on the topic Negotiation: Finding Acceptable Solutions to Shared Challenges.

Kathy Mayfield-Smith is also a caregiver, and as the Cofounder of the South Carolina Respite Coalition, she has been involved in the Lifespan Respite movement for many years. She shared insights and strategies for effective negotiation, as well as her experiences negotiating in a variety of situations and with different partners and personalities.

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