National Strategy Implementation Learning Collaborative Meeting

July 13, 2023

Strengthening the Direct Care Workforce

The focus of this meeting is on Strengthening the Direct Care Workforce to help improve respite capacity.

Dr. Kezia Scales, Vice President of Research & Evaluation, with PHI, Quality Care through Quality Jobs, was the guest presenter. Dr. Scales leads the work at PHI on building the evidence base on state and national policies and workforce interventions that improve direct care jobs, elevate this essential workforce, and strengthen care processes and outcomes.  She provided expert guidance on best state practices on strengthening the direct care workforce that may guide your own expansion of partnerships and programs at the state level to grow the respite care workforce.

A discussion followed about state-specific barriers to addressing the workforce crisis for respite providers and strategies states were using to overcome the barriers. Participants also shared their thoughts about best practices shared by the guest speaker that might be most realistic to address in their respective states.

The meeting topic, Strengthening the Direct Care Workforce, aligns with the following Goals and Outcomes in the National Strategy:

Goal 2: Advance partnerships and engagement with family caregivers.

  • Outcome 2.5: The education curricula of professionals who will potentially work with family caregivers include specific topics and coursework designed to ensure they have the skills to do so effectively.

Goal 3: Strengthen services and supports for family caregivers.

  • Outcome 3.6: Volunteers of all ages and abilities are trained, vetted, and ready to assist family caregivers.
  • Outcome 3.9: An agile, flexible, and well-trained direct care workforce is available to partner with and support family caregivers.


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