Sustainability Planning Learning Collaborative Meeting

June 23, 2023
Coalition Structure and the Impact on Sustainability

Resources were shared  to describe various respite coalition structures and the group discussed the pros and cons for each in impacting sustainability. Susan Summers, the LC facilitator, made reference to ARCH’s Building A Statewide Respite Coalition: Where Do We Begin?  that can be found on the ARCH website with other coalition resources. Marilyn Sword with the ID Caregiver Alliance shared a matrix she prepared to describe and compare the various coalition structures for their potential to ensure sustainability.

States followed with updates on activities:

Alabama Lifespan Respite received private hospital funding to expand their Caregiver Wellness program to offer a Family Wellness initiative that will provide and support mental health services for siblings of people with disabilities and other family members.

New York held their sustainability summit last month to update their sustainability plan and logic models.

Idaho has applied for a Lifespan Respite Care Program grant though their state public health agency that may better support their long-term sustainability. They have also done a lot to better understand serving Latin X family caregivers through their Family Care Navigator and shared some of the lessons learned.