Respite Voucher Learning Collaborative Meeting

June 8, 2023

Laura Mauldin with Applied-Self-Direction presented the final Readiness Assessment Tool for Self-Directed Respite Voucher Programs and responded to questions from Lifespan Respite grantees and partners seeking clarification on using the tool.

Tracy Kahlo and Barb Koumjian, Lifespan Respite Washington, presented on Centering Equity in Access to Services: Lessons from the Field.

Presentation Description:  The presentation provided an opportunity to reflect on how to enhance equity of access to programs and services with creativity and flexibility. The Lifespan Respite Washington (LRW) team shared tips on data and equity planning tools. Takeaways included handout tools and equity awareness and implementation guidelines, tested practices, and ideas for centering equity in current programs and new projects.

See Resources below for equity assessment tools and other resources, including Improving Hispanic Family Caregiver Projects: identifying unique barriers and cultural values influencing service utilization and caregiver roles from Boise State University, Center on Aging, and Understanding Disabilities in American Indian & Alaska Native Communities Toolkit Guide from the National Council on Disability.  See Chat Transcript below for shared links to additional resources.

Scroll down below the recordings to access these resources and more. 



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