Respite Voucher Learning Collaborative Meeting

March 14, 2024
Reimbursement Strategies for Voucher Programs: Boon or Barrier for Family Caregivers

This meeting focuses on how reimbursing family caregivers, rather than paying them upfront or paying the providers directly, may be a financial barrier to their ready use of respite vouchers. While this may be a barrier for family caregivers, it may allow the administering agency to avoid or reduce liability, labor, and tax issues by designating the family caregiver as the employer.

Three different models for paying for respite through vouchers, stipends, or grant programs were explored. The three presenters who discussed how their model addresses the challenges imposed by reimbursement strategies and share both the pros and cons of their specific approach, were:

  • Lisa Schneider, Executive Director, Respite Care Association of Wisconsin
  • Barb Koumjian, Project Coordinator, Lifespan Respite Washington
  • Aietah Stephens,  Executive Director, Sooner SUCCESS, OK Lifespan Respite