National Strategy Implementation Learning Collaborative Meeting

November 2, 2023
Leadership Principle: Inspire a Shared Vision

At this meeting of the ARCH National Strategy Learning Collaborative, participants will focus on creating a vision towards implementing the National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers. Communicating vision is the ability to paint a vivid and inspirational picture of a future state that rallies individual and collective support to act. Before Learning Collaborative participants approach potential partners, they will learn how to develop a clear vision of their cause, goals, and how they align with their organizational mission and values.

Presentation: Looking Forward – Implementing the National Strategy to Achieve New York’s Vision

As an example of the leadership principle,  the New York Lifespan Respite grantee and the NY State Respite and Caregiving Coalition  presented on  how they inspired others to join them in their work toward a sustainable respite care system in the state.

Deana Prest and Abbey Derepentigny, New York State Office for the Aging, and Doris Green from the New York State Caregiving & Respite Coalition discussed their journey in visioning the Lifespan Respite Care System in New York State, and how they attracted collaborators and family caregivers to the work by conveying their message and enthusiasm to others. Specifically, they discussed how the National Strategy and NY’s Master Plan for Aging are helping them  move forward with their vision. They shared what they learned at points in the planning and implementation process of various initiatives.

Please see  National Strategy Alignment with New York Activities for reference.

Small group discussions

Participants broke into smaller discussion groups to discuss their own vision statements to engage and support family caregivers and the steps they are taking to implement them. See Discussion Guide.  Recordings of breakout room discussions can be found below.

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