Sustainability Planning Learning Collaborative Meeting

October 28, 2022

States Check In

The call was focused on state check-ins and the conversation was very rich and inspirational.

Revisiting the Finance Project’s Sustainability Planning Workbook. Before each state shared their updates, for the newer members in the group, we talked about the original Sustainability Planning Workbook that some in the group have used to engage in sustainability planning.

The workbook is a box of five modules/workbooks, including step-by-step worksheets, developed by the Finance Project, to help guide you through the sustainability planning process. During the meeting, I shared a Matrix of resources and worksheets that provides an overview of what’s in the box, but I thought I would also attach the tool/worksheets that members have said were most helpful when the whole box of workbooks seemed too daunting to tackle. These are a great place to start for those who are just beginning a more formal sustainability planning process: The Sustainability Planning Self-Assessment Tool and 4 worksheets: Worksheet 1: What do you want to sustain?; Worksheet 2: Determining Program Cost;  Worksheet 3: Map the Available Resources; and Worksheet 4: Assess the Resource Gaps.