National Strategy Implementation Learning Collaborative Meeting

October 5, 2023
Purpose: Foundation of Leadership

Cheryl Dinnell, the Learning Collaborative facilitator, outlined a new framework focused on leadership skill development that will guide the group going forward. The learning collaborative will work on developing leadership and assist in identifying the skills needed to be successful. Each week, through guest presentations, we also expect to highlight a member of the learning collaborative or an outside expert who can be a mentor for carrying out the leadership skill or strategy being discussed.

Framework for the Lifespan Respite National Strategy Learning Collaborative

This Learning Collaborative focused on “finding your purpose in implementing the National Strategy.”

Principle of Leadership: Model the Way

Leadership ability and management skills are often used interchangeably, but there are key differences. Leadership skills focus on inspiring and motivating others to achieve a common goal, not just managing tasks. This means setting a clear vision, communicating it, and mobilizing people to work towards it. As an example, we heard from the Idaho Caregiver Alliance about their process in selecting priorities that reflect recommendations in the National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers and how they expanded their services to better engage with the Spanish-speaking population in their state.


The meeting was recorded in parts. Part I (to the right) presented Model the Way as a Principle of Leadership and Part II (below) focused on an example of this principle with a presentation from the Idaho Caregiver Alliance on developing and implementing Engagement Strategies with Spanish-Speaking Populations.

The group met in three smaller breakouts to discuss What is your state’s buy-in on the National Strategy currently? Are you yourself a champion for implementation on any National Strategy recommendation in your state? Why or why not? The breakout discussion groups recordings can be found below as well.

Resources including the Discussion Guide, the new Learning Collaborative Framework and Meeting Notes can be found below the recordings.

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