Performance Measurement Learning Collaborative Meeting

March 17, 2022

A Conversation with Dr. Rebecca Utz, Respite Researcher and Professor of Sociology, University of Utah.  Read more about Dr. Utz and her research. 

Dr. Utz showed us behind the scenes of her research, discussing how she identifies evaluation questions and measures, how data are gathered and analyzed, and how family caregivers and care-providers participate in the work. Learn about her current research, Time for Living & Caring (TLC) here.  She currently has funding from the National Institute on Aging to study the effectiveness of an intervention (app) that helps family caregivers plan for and make better use of their respite care time. Learn more about this research in her presentation last year at the ARCH Respite Research Summit.

Dr. Utz was also interested in learning from us. We shared the questions we have, as providers and family caregivers, that we want answered through research. We also discussed common data elements important for understanding the impact of respite on family caregivers.