Deliberations of an Expert Panel of Researchers, Advocates and Funders

To understand the existing research base, and to make recommendations for how to structure and organize future research in ways that will improve understanding of respite care and maximize its benefits and resources, an Expert Panel on Respite Research3 (the Panel) composed of academics, researchers, service providers, advocates, policymakers and administrators representing a range of age groups, disabilities and professional disciplines gathered over a period of 18 months in order to accomplish three tasks:

  1. Explore in-depth the current status of respite research;
  2. Propose strategies to overcome barriers to research; and
  3. Develop a plan to encourage rigorous research in key areas that will translate to meaningful strategies and approaches to care.

This report contains a summary of the deliberations of the Expert Panel on Respite Research and a research agenda with the Panel’s final recommendations for future research in the field of respite. Limited hard copies available at no charge fromΒ ARCH.

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