Alabama Lifespan Respite: Caregiver Wellness Initiative

March 7, 2023

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ARCH cohosted this webinar with the BREAK Exchange

Alabama Lifespan Respite (ALR) identified a lack of emotional and mental health supports for rural/underserved family caregivers as a growing problem prior to the Spring of 2020, but this deficiency was amplified in the wake of the pandemic. In response, ALR established the Caregiver Wellness Initiative through a Lifespan Respite grant to provide free mental health counseling and support to qualifying caregivers with the intent of increasing total caregiver wellbeing and potentially decreasing the need for emergency respite. ALR will discuss challenges, successes, potential funding sources, and collaborations for implementation/replication of this Lifespan Respite grant activity.


Tracy Cieniewicz, Sustainability Director, Alabama Lifespan Respite, UCP of Huntsville & Tennessee Valley, Inc., Huntsville, AL


Read more about the Alabama Lifespan Respite Caregiver Wellness Initiative.


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