ARCH Annotated Bibliography of Respite and Crisis Care Studies, 6th Edition, 2022

The literature review for this updated bibliography adds summaries of 19 peer-reviewed journal articles. Articles were included from the time period 2020, where the 5th edition left off, through 2022. The summaries presented include a complete citation; the study’s aim or purpose; a summary of methods; a summary of key results; key study limitations as cited by the authors; and a summary of the authors’ discussion and conclusions. Articles are grouped as follows: 1) respite targeted to children; 2) respite targeted to older adults; 3) respite targeted to adults with developmental disabilities; 4) respite targeted to multi-age groups; 5) caregiver support for Veterans and their caregivers; 6) literature reviews/meta-analyses of respite care studies; and 7) methodological issues in research on respite and caregiver interventions. Study limitations are noted in each annotation.

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