ARCH Respite Research Summit: Roundtable Discussions


Roundtable Discussions

Facilitated by  Kim Whitmore, Marquette University, College of Nursing; Casandra Firman, MS, Susan Janko Summers, PhD, and Ray Kirk, PhD, ARCH

ARCH Respite Research Summit, September 30, 2020

In small groups, summit participants addressed Expert Panel Recommendations: 1)  Individual, family and societal outcomes research; 2) cost-benefits and cost-effectiveness research; 3) systems change research to improve access; and 4) competency and training needs of providers.  Issues related to the first recommendation regarding research methodologies, to the last recommendation, translating research into best practice, and ensuring culturally relevant and competent research, were addressed across all four discussion groups.

Discussion Groups were not recorded.

Participant Discussion Guides

Roundtable Discussion Guide Group 1 OUTCOMES

Roundtable Discussion Guide Group 2 COST-BENEFITS

Roundtable Discussion Guide Group 3 SYSTEMS

Roundtable Discussion Guide Group 4 PROVIDER COMPETENCE


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