LifeCourse Respite Tool – Respite Guide

The Respite Guide and accompanying toolkit are intended for anyone in a family or relationship that is providing the majority of care or support to a person who needs additional support, and are also referred to as “caregivers” or “carers” throughout this guide. It is focused on the topic of respite, or short breaks for caregivers.

The Respite Guide is meant to help caregivers and those who support them to understand the meaning and importance of respite/short breaks, see real life examples, understand the possibilities and options that exist for respite, within and outside the formal, paid service system, and create a successful plan that uses these short breaks to enhance the lives of all family members.

Charting the LifeCourse Nexus housed at the at the University of Missouri–Kansas City Institute for Human Development, in collaboration with the ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center, developed Charting the LifeCourse Respite materials and tools.

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