Webinar: Charting the LifeCourse Tools for Respite – Examples from State Lifespan Respite Care Programs

Charting the LifeCourse Tools for Respite: Examples from State Lifespan Respite Care Program

During this virtual presentation at the Charting the LifeCourse Showcase on April 13, 2022, an overview of the tools and the training used to educate the Lifespan Respite network on using the tools successfully with family caregivers was provided, including the importance of the tools during the pandemic when formal supports were unavailable. ARCH was joined by representatives from two Lifespan Respite initiatives in Alabama and Nevada who shared different ways they used the tools to offer caregivers person and family-centered respite options, adapted the tools to meet intended purposes, and gained success and benefits from using them.  The recording of the presentation is available only to those who registered for the Showcase.

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