Compendium of State Respite Coalition Fact Sheets

This compendium of fact sheets, updated in 2017, provides a state-by-state look at  state respite coalitions that are affiliated with the ARCH Network (See State Respite Coalitions).  Each fact sheet contains the following information on each state respite coalition: Start-Up Process and Coalition History; Structure; Staff; Funding; Membership; Meetings and Communication; Major Activities; Available Documents (Bylaws, Strategic Plans, Surveys, Brochures, etc.); and State Contact Information.

The compendium should be useful for state respite coalitions to educate their members and prospective members, family caregivers, funders, legislators and other policy makers about the resources they have available to provide assistance within their own states (each fact sheet has been formatted to stand alone as a separate document). The compendium provides meaningful guidance for new state respite coalitions or State Lifespan Respite Programs just getting started or to family caregivers , providers, state agencies or community-based organizations thinking about starting a new state respite coalition or looking for assistance.

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