COVID-19 Case Study: Respite Care Association of Wisconsin

Respite Care Registry and Caregiver Respite Grant Program Description

The Respite Care Association of Wisconsin (RCAW) provides a statewide respite care registry1 with a searchable list of respite care providers for primary caregivers to use for short breaks or support with their caregiving duties. The registry lists private in-home respite providers who have completed our free Respite Care Certificate Program.2 The registry also has facility-based environments and agencies that provide respite care. RCAW’s Caregiver Respite Grant Program3 provides financial support for family caregivers for up to five days of respite care within a 90-day period.

During COVID many of the in-home providers on the respite registry were reluctant to be in other people’s homes, and caregivers were hesitant to use in-home providers. This resulted in most families opting to use community-based respite or rely on family members. Through the Caregiver Respite Grant Program, families could still apply to receive respite funds for these services or could designate that their application be put on hold until they were comfortable receiving respite.


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