March 5, 2014

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Presenter: Cheri Hayes, President & CEO, The Finance Project

The Finance Project conducted a webinar on Module III of The Finance Project’s Sustainability Planning Workbook: Creating a Strategic Financing Plan. Presenter Cheri Hayes, CEO, The Finance Project, provided an overview of the module, which will help Lifespan Respite leaders and coalition partners make reasonable fiscal estimates and garner information on the most appropriate funding sources and financing strategies. In particular, she highlighted tools that will help Lifespan Respite leaders take steps for:

  • Estimating the fiscal resources needed to sustain a program/initiative
  • Mapping current resources that support the initiative
  • Identifying funding gaps
  • Analyzing a range of funding sources and strategies to meet the fiscal needs of the initiative

The webinar will also be useful to respite providers and community and faith-based organizations working to sustain their respite services and supports.

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