Crisis Nurseries – Keeping Kids Safe and Families Together

November 2, 2022

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ARCH hosted this webinar with the BREAK Exchange.

Crisis Nurseries provide noncustodial crisis respite for families with young children who are addressing issues which may impact their child’s safety. In this webinar, learn more about the evolution of Crisis Nurseries, how they serve their unique communities, and what they do to provide a short term break for caregivers in crisis. Experts will share research findings on how the Providence House Family Preservation Crisis Nursery model has been proven to help prevent child maltreatment, reduce foster care placements, and increase family stability and permanency.

Providence House is Ohio’s first licensed crisis nursery, and is recognized by ARCH as an Innovative and Exemplary Respite Service.

  • Natalie Leek has been the CEO and President of Providence House since 2001.
  • Casandra Firman, Senior ARCH Consultant, has experience working in a crisis nursery in Oregon, and in evaluating crisis nursery services.

Center for Crisis Nurseries

External Evaluation of Providence House

  • Crampton, D. and Yoon, S. (2016). Crisis nursery services and foster care prevention: An exploratory study. Children and Youth Services Review, 61: 311-316.

Read more about this study and other evaluations of crisis nurseries in ARCH’s Annotated Bibliography of Respite and Crisis Care Studies


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