Evaluating and Reporting Outcomes: A Guide for Respite and Crisis Care Program Managers

Authored by Dr. Ray Kirk and revised by Casandra Firman, MS, ARCH.

Planned and crisis respite programs across the United States have field tested tools for measuring program outcomes. Under contract with ARCH, the tools were developed by Dr. Ray Kirk of the University of North Carolina, and revised by Casandra Firman ARCH Outcome Evaluation Specialist, and are published in the ARCH guidebook, Evaluating and Reporting Outcomes: a Guide for Respite and Crisis Care Program Managers.

The need to demonstrate program outcomes is critical in today’s climate of limited and more competitive funding. The guide explains what outcomes are and shows why programs need to be able to demonstrate their outcomes. It also provides instructions and examples of how to identify, evaluate and report outcomes. The instruments in the guide include published scales that can be purchased, scales that can be photocopied, and instructions for creating customized scales.  This guide will help local programs demonstrate and report on a variety of outcomes.

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