Issue Brief Developed by the Corporation for National and Community Service

Senior Companion Caregiver Study

The Corporation for National and Community Service conducted the Senior Companion caregiver study to establish the impact of respite services on caregivers of Senior Companion clients. The study surveyed caregivers prior to the start of respite care and at a one-year follow-up point. Caregivers were grouped into critical, essential, and moderate categories based on personal and family needs. Those in the critical-needs group were the ones with the highest needs.

  • Nearly 76% of caregivers in the critical-needs group reported Senior Companion respite services helped them “a lot” with both personal time and household management.
  • Approximately 60% of caregivers with critical needs reported that Senior Companion services helped them “a lot” or a “great deal” and allowed them to be more involved in social activities and enjoy time with their friends or relatives.
  • Approximately 40% of caregivers who rated their health as fair or poor before respite support, now rate their health as good.

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