Including Diverse Stakeholders in Lifespan Respite

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Including Diverse Stakeholders in Lifespan Respite, January 27, 2016

Call Description:

Speakers discussed the special respite needs of the populations they serve and how respite helps families affected by MS and paralysis. Ms. Mauro  discussed the resources that the Paralysis Resource Center has to offer to help you serve individuals with paralysis and their families and engage them in lifespan respite activities and coalitions at the local level. Ms. Weidner and Ms. Kenneth discussed how and why local chapters of the National MS Society became actively involved and have remained engaged in many state respite coalitions and state Lifespan Respite activities, using the Virginia Caregiver Coalition as an example of active MS Society involvement. Call participants then discussed strategies for and challenges of increasing diverse partnerships in their own state efforts.


Bernadette Mauro, Director, Information and Resource Services, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Paralysis Resource Center

Laura Weidner, Senior Director, Federal Government Relations, National MS Society, Washington, DC

Ashley Kenneth, National MS Society and member of the Virginia Caregiver Coalition   VA Caregiver Coalition and Virginia Caregiver Solution Center      


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