Recommendations for Developing Performance Metrics for State Lifespan Respite Programs.

The guide provides a roadmap with tools and step-by-step suggestions for developing a performance measurement plan that will reflect the unique goals, activities and approaches undertaken by State Lifespan Respite grantees and their partners. It defines and provides examples of performance targets and suggestions for measuring them. Finally, it offers examples of how grantees can plan and document their individual program’s performance targets and collect appropriate data for measurement and reporting purposes.

Although all grantees are held accountable for the goals and objectives identified in their grant proposals, there is no requirement for grantees to use the methods or examples described in this document. Rather, the information should be used as a reference for planning strategies for measuring a project’s performance over
the course of the grant.

Included in the document are suggested outcomes and indicators for measuring both system changes and caregiver outcomes, sample measurement tools, and sample logic models.  The sample tools, or references for published tools, suggested in the document can be searched for here.

ARCH also prepared these sample tools for your use.

Caregiver Outcomes

System Change Outcomes


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