Partnering with AmeriCorps Seniors to Support Respite and Workforce Development

May 11, 2023

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Partnering with AmeriCorps Seniors to Support Respite and Workforce Development

This meeting of the Volunteer and Faith-based Respite Learning Collaborative focused on the AmeriCorps Seniors – Senior Companion Program and how it can support Lifespan Respite grantees’ and other respite agencies’ efforts to increase access to respite and support workforce development.

To find local AmeriCorps Seniors initiatives or engage them in your state respite coalitions, please visit AmeriCorps Seniors Pathfinder for contact information.


Atalaya Sergi, National Director of AmeriCorps Seniors, described the program and offered guidance on how Lifespan Respite grantees and other respite and volunteer agencies can access AmeriCorps Seniors and collaborate with local AmeriCorps Seniors agencies to provide respite and enhance the direct care workforce. She shared the federal actions AmeriCorps included in the National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers to help promote respite care among AmeriCorps programs and volunteers to expand respite opportunities in the states.

Mandy Hansen, Assistant Director of the Tennessee Respite Coalition, described their long-standing Senior Companion Respite Program, how they got started, how they recruit and retain senior volunteers, and how they have sustained the program over time.

Lisa Richards, Project Director, AmeriCorps Seniors Demonstration Program at the New York State Caregiving and Respite Coalition shared their new expansive AmeriCorps Seniors workforce demonstration program that will recruit, train and place AmeriCorps Senior volunteers in respite-related positions in six counties in New York State.

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