Registration Forms Checklist: Example from Gio’s Garden

Gio’s Garden is licensed by the State of Wisconsin as a Family Child Care Center. Licensed Family Child Care Centers must follow the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Children and Families Administrative Code 250. This code requires families to complete several forms about their child. Gio’s Garden has also created forms to better understand your child’s special needs to help provide children with high quality, personalized care. Please fill out all of the forms to the best of your ability and send to Gio’s Garden by mail or scan to email. Gio’s Garden does not have a fax number. Health forms can be mailed directly from providers or picked up by you and included in your registration packet.

Once we receive the forms, Gio’s Garden’s family care team will be in contact with you to set up a Meet & Greet with you and your child. The Meet & Greet will include a tour of our center, an overview of the Family Handbook and a discussion about your child’s special needs, care and any goals for your child while they are at Gio’s Garden. We will also begin talking about a schedule and start date for your child. Please contact us if you have any questions about forms or the registration process.

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