Sustaining Lifespan Respite and Strengthening Stakeholder Engagement

February 22, 2017

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How can we best sustain respite programs and services over time?  Lifespan Respite Grantees and their partners consistently rank “providing funding sustainability training and assistance” as a top priority. Without exception, ARCH grantees identified “Funding Sustainability” as the area of highest need for training and technical assistance.

In this presentation, findings were shared from a qualitative study on sustainability conducted with grantees from eight exemplar states that participated in a sustainability project supported by ARCH in collaboration with The Finance Project. Through a series of interviews with grantees, we gathered information on how grantees and coalition leaders conceptualized sustainability; what they considered to be markers of successful sustainability; how coalitions planned for sustainability; and what factors contribute to––or compromise––sustainable programs and service systems.

Lessons learned included:

-the important role of stakeholders in sustainability;
-successful strategies to involve stakeholders that will contribute to sustainability;
-the difference between management and leadership, and the importance of both to sustainability; and
-how to plan leadership succession in changing social and political environments.


Casandra Firman, ARCH Senior Staff

Susan Janko Summers, PhD, ARCH Senior Consultant

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