Take a Break SC! Sustaining South Carolina’s Family Caregivers through Respite

This report from the SC Lifespan Respite State Advisory Committee was developed to  guide the development of the state’s coordinated lifespan respite system. In furtherance of the quest to coordinate and sustain lifespan respite in South Carolina, “Take a Break SC! Sustaining South Carolina’s Family Caregivers through Respite”, is a state plan to guide implementation of
sustainable lifespan respite. The State Advisory Committee adopted a multi-disciplinary approach, through representation from the public and private sectors as well as consumers, to
formulate recommendations in a holistic approach.

This project is the first of its kind in South Carolina and targets the following activities in furtherance of the objective: provide outreach, information and screening for respite services through the Aging and Disability Resource Centers and the Family-to-Family Health Care Information and Education Center to encourage use and connect family caregivers with respite options as early as possible; disseminate information and reach out to family caregivers across the state, providing information and training materials in support of respite usage; and build networks and capacity at the local level.

The plan was updated in 2018: Take Another Break SC! Updated State Respite Plan

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