What You Need to Know About ME: A Child/Adolescent Guide for Families and Caregivers

This notebook is adapted for children from material that was written for seniors by Susan R. Carlton, Executive Director, The South Carolina Respite Coalition Norma S. Sessions, Training/Development Director, The (SC) Center for Child and Family Studies.

Funding for this project was provided to Connecticut Lifespan Respite Coalition, Inc. through the Connecticut Department of Public Health, Family Health Section.

The purpose of this notebook is to provide a way for you, as a family member or other caregiver, to communicate with the people who provide respite care for the special person in your life who has special needs. We hope that this notebook helps you to describe your loved one and his/her needs, so that the care they receive from others can truly be individualized. Your loved one may be able to help you complete some of the information.


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