National Respite Guidelines

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Guiding Principles for Respite Models and Services The guidelines provide a summary of guiding principles addressing quality indicators for all respite models and services. They can act as a checklist…

Nebraska Respite Programs Funding Matrix

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From Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network

State Summaries of Lifespan Respite Grant Activities, Interim Report 2019

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State Summaries of Lifespan Respite Grant Activities, Interim Report 2019 In the summaries of state Lifespan Respite grant objectives, outcomes and activities since 2014 that are included in this compendium,…

Building a Statewide Respite Coalition: Where Do We Begin?

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This guide is intended to assist those states or groups that are considering forming or restructuring coalitions by providing the tools necessary to begin building or to strengthen a state…

Lifespan Respite: Who, What, When, Where and How?

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These PPT slides provide answers to the questions: What is respite? Why is it important? What are the barriers to accessing respite? What is Lifespan Respite and why do we…

North Carolina Lifespan Respite Mini-Grant Summary Report and Conference Presentation

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Prepared by the North Carolina Lifespan Respite Project as a final report for the mini-grants initiative of 2012-2013 See also NC PPT Presentation, 2013 National Lifespan Respite Conference, Giving Your…

North Carolina Lifespan Respite Mini-Grantee QUARTERLY REPORTING FORM

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Reporting form developed by the NC Lifespan Respite Project for community-based mini-grantees to report on persons served and units of services provided with the grants; demographic information on those served;…

Opportunities for Innovation: Home Care Worker Cooperatives

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We are in the midst of a labor force crisis in the supply of direct service workers. The home care industry experiences a 67% average annual turnover in workers. The…

Some General Principles of Charitable Nonprofit Fundraising

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Topics covered in this ARCH Fact Sheet include: Basic assumptions about charitable nonprofit organizations; the energy behind fundraising; types of fundraising; goals of fundraising; and planning for fundraising. A curated…

Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network’s eLifespan Respite System

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The Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network demonstrates their eLifespan Respite System, an online information and referral, and secure online data and workspace system, designed to facilitate statewide access to coordinated respite…