Respite Programs for Adults and the Aging: A Start-up Manual

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This 258-page manual, contains all of the topics addressed in the original manual (Bringing Respite to Your Community). Examples, forms, and resources relevant to services for adults were substituted for…

Sticky Figures: Using a Needs Assessment

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A thorough examination of the process of developing, implementing, and documenting a needs assessment. Various data collecting methods are examined in detail. Written by David B. Langmeyer, evaluation consultant.

Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors

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Distinguishes between the roles and responsibilities of advisory boards and boards of directors. Offers tips on the recruitment, training, and retention of board members.

Bringing Respite to Your Community: A Start-up Manual

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This manual gives step-by-step instructions on how to begin a respite care program. The 332-page book includes chapters on needs assessment, the planning process, program models, budget, collaboration, marketing, funding,…

Respite Care in Delaware: The Delaware Lifespan Respite Information Network

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Report to the Governor’s Commission on Community-Based Alternatives for Individuals with Disabilities Prepared by Lisa Becker, MLS, Tracy Mann, MA, Tim Brooks, EdD, The University of Delaware Center for Disabilities…

Some General Principles of Charitable Nonprofit Fundraising

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Topics covered in this ARCH Fact Sheet include: Basic assumptions about charitable nonprofit organizations; the energy behind fundraising; types of fundraising; goals of fundraising; and planning for fundraising. A curated…

Planning for Lifespan Respite Grant Activities: Beyond the First Three Years

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Planning for Lifespan Respite Grant Activities: Beyond the First Three Years, January 30, 2013 Greg Link with the Administration for Community Living/Administration on Aging provided background on FY 2012 Lifespan…