Matrix of Modules, Tasks, Tools, and Resources for Sustaining Lifespan Respite Systems

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The Matrix serves as an interactive table of contents for the Workbook and its five modules. The Finance Project’s Sustainability Planning Workbook, a comprehensive tool composed of five modules and a CD-ROM…

Sustainability Planning Workbook Implementation Guide for Lifespan Respite Grantees and Partners

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Designed to guide you through the Sustainability Planning Workbook. The guide highlights sustainability strategies specific to sustaining Lifespan Respite grant activities and State Respite Coalitions.  The Finance Project’s Sustainability Planning Workbook, a…

Tools for Sustainability: Financing Strategies for Lifespan Respite Programs and State Respite Coalitions

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The matrix, Financing Strategies for Lifespan Respite Programs and State Respite Coalitions, provides a summary of approaches that can be used by Lifespan Respite grantees or programs and state respite coalitions to…

Tools for Collaboration: Building and Sustaining Partnerships for Lifespan Respite Care Programs

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This fact sheet provides definitions of different levels of collaboration and answers the questions: Why is collaboration a priority area for the Lifespan Respite Care Program? and What does collaboration in Lifespan Respite…

Infographic: What’s the Key Ingredient for a Successful, Sustainable Coalition?

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Author: Casandra Firman, ARCH As Lifespan Respite grantees and their State Respite Coalition partners work to build diverse and meaningful partnerships for sustainability, ARCH developed this infographic to reflect lessons…

Sustaining Lifespan Respite Systems: Lessons Learned and Practical Applications with a Checklist for Success

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Author: Susan Janko Summers, PhD, ARCH With technical assistance from ARCH and The Finance Project, eight Exemplar States chosen from among the Lifespan Respite grantees and partners, worked to develop…

Strategic and Sustainability Planning

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The Idaho Caregiver Alliance Experience

Nebraska Respite Programs Funding Matrix

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From Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network

Interim Study of Oklahoma’s Caregiving and Respite Care Programs

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Produced by OKCares, Oklahoma’s Caregiver Coalition OKCares seeks to improve care and patient outcomes by exploring gaps and opportunities for efficiency gains in Oklahoma’s caregiving and respite care programs. This…

State Summaries of Lifespan Respite Grant Activities, Interim Report 2019

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State Summaries of Lifespan Respite Grant Activities, Interim Report 2019 In the summaries of state Lifespan Respite grant objectives, outcomes and activities since 2014 that are included in this compendium,…