Performance Measurement Learning Collaborative: Massachusetts Levels of Organizational Integration

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Presentation of Leanne Winchester, MA Lifespan Respite Coalition

ARCH Systems Change Outcome #1 Tracking Form

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Prepared by ARCH as a sample form for tracking Lifespan Respite grant goal achievements.  This form is used to track and report on Outcome #1: Grantees achieve the goals identified…

Innovative Strategies for Working across State Programs Providing Respite Services in Massachusetts

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This presentation was part of the Lifespan Respite Track at the 2021 Virtual International Short Break Association Conference cohosted by ARCH Presenters Leanne Winchester, Massachusetts Lifespan Respite Program and University…

ARCH Respite Research Summit: Roundtable Discussions

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Roundtable Discussions Facilitated by  Kim Whitmore, Marquette University, College of Nursing; Casandra Firman, MS, Susan Janko Summers, PhD, and Ray Kirk, PhD, ARCH ARCH Respite Research Summit, September 30, 2020…

Nebraska Lifespan Respite Subsidy 2015 Evaluation Report

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Developed by the NE Department of Health & Human Services Part of the overall Nebraska Lifespan Respite Services Program, the Lifespan Respite Subsidy Program provides funding for family caregivers to…

Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network: Producing Positive Outcomes for Families, 2015-2017

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Final Evaluation Report from University of Nebraska Medical Center, Munroe-Meyer Institute (UNMC-MMI) and Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services The purpose of the evaluation of the Nebraska Lifespan Respite…

Tools for evaluating state level strategic alliances

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These tools were shared by the MA Lifespan Respite Coalition in a presentation at a meeting of the Lifespan Respite Grantee and Partner Performance Measurement Learning Collaborative and at the…

Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network’s eLifespan Respite System

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The Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network demonstrates their eLifespan Respite System, an online information and referral, and secure online data and workspace system, designed to facilitate statewide access to coordinated respite…