Using Data to Successfully Drive Your Program: Program Evaluation and Evidence-Informed Respite Programs

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From the 2011 National Respite Conference, Glendale, AZ. Presented By: MaryJo Alimena Caruso,Ā CareBreak and the Pennsylvania Respite Coalition andĀ Jennifer Abernathy, Tennessee Respite Coalition

Some Thoughts About Data

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2011 Lifespan Respite Grantee and Partner Meeting, Glendale, AZ. Presented by Casandra Firman, ARCH Evaluation Specialist.

Identifying, Measuring and Reporting Outcomes in Lifespan Respite Programs

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Lifespan Respite Grantee and Partner Learning Symposium, Nashville, TN October 10, 2014 Presented By: Greg Link, ACL/AoA and Casandra Firman, ARCH Session Objectives: Review Lifespan Respite ProgramĀ  objectives Highlight evolution…

Nevada RespiteRx – Voucher Implementation: A Deep Dive

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An ARCH Voucher Learning Collaborative Webinar Presenters: Cheryl Dinnell, Project Coordinator on behalf of the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division Planning, Advocacy & Community Services Unit Carson City, NV…

Performance Measurement Learning Collaborative: Massachusetts Levels of Organizational Integration

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Presentation of Leanne Winchester, MA Lifespan Respite Coalition

Outcomes vs. Outputs

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Prepared by Casandra Firman, ARCH, for the Performance Measurement Learning Collaborative, June 3, 2021

Living with COVID-19: Guide for Volunteer Programs

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Webinar Slides, Administration for Community Living, April 13, 2020

Elevating the Needs of Family Caregivers: Why Respite Should Be a Concern to Employers

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In this National Lifespan Respite Conference presentation, representatives from the MA and NE Lifespan Respite programs shared their employer engagement efforts to support family caregivers. Presenters from the NE Lifespan…

Lifespan Respite Training Script

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A Script to go along with the presentation, Respite for Caregivers, Identifying your Care-Giving Role Developed by the Nevada Lifespan Respite Care Program

Respite for Caregivers, Identifying your Care-Giving Role

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Powerpoint presentation from Nevada Lifespan Respite Care Program