Caregiver Wellness Initiative

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From Alabama Lifespan Respite To further support the total wellbeing of unpaid, full-time family caregivers statewide, Alabama Lifespan Respite has established the Caregiver Wellness Initiative (CWI) to provide funds specifically…

Cultural Adaptations in Respite and Caregiving Support

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Lifespan Respite Grantee and Partner Learning Symposium July 15, 2021 Presented By: Lauren L Parker, PhD, MPH Assistant Scientist Department of Health, Behavior and Society Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of…

Performance vs. Evaluation

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2010 Lifespan Respite Grantee and Partner Meeting, Baltimore, MD. Presented by: Valerie Cook, Office of Performance and Evaluation, Administration on Aging, US Dept. of Health and Human Services, Washington.

Successful State Approaches for Measuring Lifespan Respite Outcomes

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2015 Lifespan Respite Grantee and Partner Learning Symposium, Washington, DC. Presented By: Emily Kearns, MA Lifespan Respite Coalition and Joyce Pohlman, TX Department of Aging and Disability Services

Using Data to Successfully Drive Your Program: Program Evaluation and Evidence-Informed Respite Programs

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From the 2011 National Respite Conference, Glendale, AZ. Presented By: MaryJo Alimena Caruso, CareBreak and the Pennsylvania Respite Coalition and Jennifer Abernathy, Tennessee Respite Coalition

Some Thoughts About Data

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2011 Lifespan Respite Grantee and Partner Meeting, Glendale, AZ. Presented by Casandra Firman, ARCH Evaluation Specialist.

Identifying, Measuring and Reporting Outcomes in Lifespan Respite Programs

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Lifespan Respite Grantee and Partner Learning Symposium, Nashville, TN October 10, 2014 Presented By: Greg Link, ACL/AoA and Casandra Firman, ARCH Session Objectives: Review Lifespan Respite Program  objectives Highlight evolution…

Nevada RespiteRx – Voucher Implementation: A Deep Dive

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An ARCH Voucher Learning Collaborative Webinar Presenters: Cheryl Dinnell, Project Coordinator on behalf of the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division Planning, Advocacy & Community Services Unit Carson City, NV…

Performance Measurement Learning Collaborative: Massachusetts Levels of Organizational Integration

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Presentation of Leanne Winchester, MA Lifespan Respite Coalition

Outcomes vs. Outputs

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Prepared by Casandra Firman, ARCH, for the Performance Measurement Learning Collaborative, June 3, 2021