Public Awareness Guidebook

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24-page guidebook for crisis nurseries and respite care programs on strategies for increasing public awareness of the availability of services through press releases, and media public service announcements. Sample press…

National Respite Guidelines

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Guiding Principles for Respite Models and Services The guidelines provide a summary of guiding principles addressing quality indicators for all respite models and services. They can act as a checklist…

Medicaid Waivers for Respite Support

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State-by-State Summaries of Medicaid Waiver Information State-by-State Summaries of Medicaid Waiver Information Author: Kathy Mayfield-Smith, Research Associate Professor, Division of Medicaid Policy Research, Institute for Families in Society at the University…

Respite Care Guide: Finding What’s Best for You

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From the Alzheimer’s Association. Everyone needs a break. If you are a caregiver, you may need a break from caregiving tasks. If you have dementia, you may want a break…

A Respite Care Notebook

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By the Child Neurology Foundation

Finding Caregivers & Respite Providers

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From the South Carolina Respite Coalition. Finding a good caregiver is often difficult. Many people decide to go out for dinner, take a quiet walk, run errands, or attend a…

Get Creative About Respite: A Parent’s Guide

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This book is written and compiled by members of the Connecticut Lifespan Respite Coalition, Inc.

A Practical Guide to Respite for Your Family

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By Molly Dellinger-Wray and Monica Uhl with the Partnership for People with Disabilities (formerly the Virginia Institute for Developmental Disabilities), a university-affiliated program at Virginia Commonwealth University.

RAISE Family Caregiving Advisory Council Final Recommendations

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On November 18, 2020, the RAISE Family Caregiving Advisory Council adopted twenty-six recommendations aimed at establishing a national approach to addressing the needs of family caregivers of all ages and…

Sustainability Plan Outline

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Purpose: To capture the readers’ attention and summarize the highlights of the plan. This is your first opportunity to make a compelling case for sustaining your effort. In one or…