Measuring the Value of Respite

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A White Paper by the ARCH Committee for Advancement of Respite Research (CARR) Purpose The purpose of this white paper is to provide an in-depth description of the current challenges…

New Jersey Caregiver Task Force Report, 2022

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New Jersey Caregiver Task Force Chapter 166 of the Public Laws of 2018, created the New Jersey Caregiver Task Force.¬† The purpose of the Task Force was to determine the…

In Support of Caregivers: Key Accomplishments of Lifespan Respite Program Grantees

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Through competitive grants, the Lifespan Respite Care¬†Program supports individual state grantees to achieve¬†Five Objectives: Expand and enhance respite services in the states; Improve coordination and dissemination of respite services; Streamline…

Advancing Respite Research – Findings from the Respite Research Summit

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On September 29 and 30, 2020, ARCH convened the¬†virtual Respite Research Summit¬†with more than 130 national and international participants. The Summit was a capstone event to an initiative by the…

A Research Agenda for Respite Care

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Deliberations of an Expert Panel of Researchers, Advocates and Funders To understand the existing research base, and to make recommendations for how to structure and organize future research in ways…

2022 Arkansas Caregiver Feedback Preliminary Data Report and Survey Instrument

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Prepared by Sarah Schmidt and Naomi Sweeney, AR Lifespan Respite Program, AR DHS’s Division of Provider Services and Quality Assurance (DPSQA)¬† Abstract The last time Arkansas conducted a state specific…

Publicly Funded Respite Options for Caregivers in North Carolina

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Produced by the NC Lifespan Respite Project, NC Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Aging and Adult Services This document was originally developed in 2017 by a workgroup…

Planned and Crisis Respite for Families with Children: Results of a Collaborative Study

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The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA), the ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center (ARCH), and Casey Family Programs (CFP) National Center for Resource Family Support collaborated to lay…

Evaluating Outcomes for Children and Families Receiving Crisis Nursery Services

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The ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center conducted the Crisis Nursery Program evaluation to examine relationships between crisis respite care and (1) incidents of reported child abuse and (2)…

A Survey of Informal Caregivers in New York City

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Study by the New York City Department for the Aging